As there are so many unwanted dogs in Greece looking for homes, we are only posting a few on our adoption page.  The key to happy endings for both families and dogs, is to match their personalities, life styles, expectations and experience. Once accepted, we will offer you dogs that are appropriate.

BEFORE YOU COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE please contact Lyn by email: [email protected] with a brief resume of your personal situation and where you live as there are parts of the UK to which we are unable to cover owning to the logistics involved. Please include your phone number. We also give preference to people/families with previous experience of rescue dogs.  We always respond promptly, therefore, if you haven’t received a reply within 48 hours, please check your Spam and Trash files also.

When agreed, please fill out this Pre-Adoption Questionnaire and email it to Lyn and the above address. If you don’t know how to answer some of the questions it’s important to just say you don’t know. We need to be aware of your level of experience as it helps us to guide you in your choice of dog. Some adopters have more experience than others which is fine.

The level of cruelty, neglect and abuse in Greece is shocking and it is ‘the norm’ that animals be treated in such a way. Strays are beaten, poisoned and killed; they don’t stand a chance without our help. Please consider adopting a Greek dog to bring them out of their extremely cruel and miserable conditions; at the same time it frees a space for another to be rescued.