About Dandy

Dandy is almost one year of age. D.o.b 01.09.22. Estimated weight 12kg. He was brought to the shelter with his brother, Beano. Both pups were initially cared for in the area where I work. So when they were being cared for in a cage, I would go in and clean them up and feed them. When they were old enough to mix with the adult dogs, Dandy found a way of entering my area (through a gate) so that he could be with me. The adult dogs were not always that welcoming, but seen to have accepted him now. But to ensure his safety he spends night times in a cage. Dandy is quite a shy boy and tends to stay out of the way of the adult dogs by remaining in the same area. I did see him having a little play with Tetley yesterday – it’s Tetley’s nature to make friends. Dandy is a very sweet natured young dog who lacks a bit of confidence due to his sometimes unfriendly companions, most of whom have lived there for many years. He is fed separately to ensure he has his fair share of food, but his companions do at least allow him to pick and eat any dried food left over that they don’t want. Dandy I think would really benefit from living in an alternative environment where his confidence would surely grow through the love and attention of anyone who adopted him.

The above description was written by one of the volunteers at the shelter.