We are Friends of the Strays of Greece

There is no single body in Greece that accepts responsibility for animal welfare, it is very fragmented and, in most areas, non-existent. Unfortunately, most cats and dogs have a very short and miserable existence. There are thousands of stray, sick, and injured animals with no access to things we take for granted in the UK such as food and water, shelter, vaccinations, and preventative treatments against diseases spread by parasites. Puppies and kittens are often found discarded in the dustbin with the kitchen waste, and many dogs suffer abuse by being chained, starved, poisoned and worse.

‘Friends of the Strays of Greece’ was set up to help improve the lives of as many of these animals as possible.

We are proud to say that everyone works for free as volunteers and our overheads are kept to a minimum. This ensures that the donations are used for the purpose for which they are intended – to benefit the animals. We are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you. With thousands of stray and abandoned dogs in Greek shelters, we really need your help. Please consider making a donation, or with monthly payments you will receive a sponsorship pack – a great gift idea!

Where do the donations go?

£5 will treat a dog for ticks for a month

will treat a dog for ticks for a month


will feed a dog or cat for a week

spayed cats

will spay a cat to reduce the number of kittens on the streets


will buy a kennel and provide shelter from extreme weather

All donations help no matter how small! Thank you.