Most of the dogs in our care find loving new homes eventually, but some of them aren’t able to settle in a home environment because of health problems or because of their difficult history of abuse, cruelty and neglect. They’ve got loads of love to give and all they need is a best friend like you!

With thousands of stray and abandoned dogs in Greek shelters, we really need your help. We don’t receive any government funding and we are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you. For as little as £3 per month we will ensure that the Greek dogs and cats get a second chance for a happy life.

Just imagine to give up a takeaway a month, your glossy magazines each week, your daily coffee and cake routine or a packet or two of cigarettes you could help give that money instead to help pay for much needed medication, food and a safe place to keep your new canine friends… so much more satisfying than any of the above?!

Sponsor the stray Greek cats and dogs and you’ll receive:

  • Newsletters via post or email
  • Certificate with your name on
  • Mini poster on reverse of certificate
  • 1 x sticker
  • 1 x magnet with your choice of cats / dogs

What is sponsorship?
It means you are donating to us monthly via standing order and receiving something in return. You can donate any amount to us, but to receive the pack it must be a minimum of £3 per month, for at least one year, please.

How do I sponsor?
Please print out the Standing Order form below, fill in your bank details and the details of who the sponsorship pack is for, and post it to the address on the bottom of the form.

Sponsorship Standing Order form

I just want to donate once rather than monthly (eg. to buy as a gift for someone) but I’d like to receive the sponsorship pack
You can make a one-off donation of however much you’d like via PayPal, cash, cheque, or bank transfer, but a minimum of £25 is required to receive the sponsorship pack. Please let us know when donating that you wish to receive one.

How else can I donate other than via Standing Order?
Please see our How to Help page for more information on payment methods, many thanks.

Every single donation makes a difference! Here is how your donations help…

£5 – a dog tick prevention treatment which will last one month
£10 – vaccinates and feeds a cat for one week
£15 – complete puppy vaccination
£20 – a complete dog parasite treatment which lasts 3 months (it’s fantastic!)
£40 – spays a cat
£60 – castrates a dog
£90 – buys a new kennel
£100 – spays a bitch
£200 – feeds and vaccinates a dog for a year