We must remind all our owners that they MUST blood test their Greek dogs for Leishmaniasis on an annual basis as there is a possible 7 year incubation period. Every year we get some very near misses when dogs are diagnosed almost too late and, very occasionally, it is too late to save them. So, please don’t take it lightly as you would never forgive yourself for ignoring the recommendation. Since making these regular reminders we have raised awareness of the risks involved and owners have been pleased that they listened – we have had a few positive results that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. However, some owners have contacted Lyn to say that their vets have refused to do the test because they say it is unnecessary. Please be assured that this is NOT correct.

If you need any help with the health of your Greekie, please don’t hesitate to call Lyn on 01647 24378 as she is only too pleased to help.