Barclay and Ino are a bonded pair of dogs, currently in a shelter in Greece. They have been waiting for years to be adopted and since last July it was determined that they need to be adopted as a pair, because they rely on each other so much. However, we have been trying to find them a home together for a year with no enquiries at all so we have decided to split them as it’s not fair for either of them to lose the opportunity of a home. WE WILL ONLY CONSIDER SPLITTING THEM IF THERE IS ANOTHER DOG IN THE HOME.

Barclay is the larger dog. He’s extremely handsome, friendly and enjoys a cuddle. He was rescued along with a female dog from the streets by a couple who fed and looked after both before they had to move away. They could only take one dog with them and chose the female, but they brought Barclay to the shelter in the hope that he would be adopted by another loving family. He’s waited ever since….

When Ino met Barclay at the shelter, it was love! She is more wary and needs time to adjust to new people and surroundings, but being by Barclay’s side gives Ino great comfort – he’s her ‘rock’.

They are beautiful dogs and we do not want to separate them, but they need a home. Barclay was born around January 2019 and Ino was born in June 2019. Please note that Ino doesn’t like cats but will be cat tested to see what extent this is.

Please contact Lyn Purden if you are interested in adopting Barclay and/or Ino. Email: [email protected] or call: 01647 24378. More photos and video available upon requestThey have been waiting for too long!