Laura Guy is hoping to raise £500 to help support 2 animal charities. If you’d like to donate please visit this link to her Crowdfunding page:

“I’m embarking on something which couldn’t be further out of my comfort zone if I tried. For 10 days in October, I’ll be in on the other side of the world trekking across one of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China.

Anyone who knows me knows that animals take up a large part of my heart. That’s why I’ve chosen 2 charities to raise money for, these people work tirelessly to help animals who’ve been very poorly treated by humans who I can only assume have no heart or conscience.

The Friends of The Strays of Greece are a charity which my family have volunteered for & supported for many years. Lyn & Mark help provide food, shelter and veterinary care to stray and unwanted cats and dogs in Greece, and also work to rehome Greek dogs (& cats!) in the UK via their adoption scheme.

The second charity is slightly ironic given where I’m going. The Sound of Animals is a very small charity who are dedicated to rescuing abused / abandoned street dogs in Thailand, and dogs from the horrific dog meat trade in Cambodia – the mission is to change the minds and hearts of those who participate in the dog meat trade, at the same time saving as many dogs as they can from the horrific cruelty.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Discover Adventure giving me this amazing opportunity…’get ready to achieve something incredible’!

It breaks my heart that in this world that people still mistreat animals. How on earth I’ll complete possibly the biggest challenge of my life I have no idea, but the more I can raise the harder I’ll push myself to complete it.”

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