We appreciate that animals are probably not your priority at the moment but the fact that you are looking at our website certainly means that you care.

If you can please spare a donation, however small, then it will help us to continue with our work.  Now more than ever, the need for food for street cats and dogs is critical as they have no access to hotels and tavernas from which they usually beg.  Without our help they will die, it is as simple as that.  Also many shelters are struggling to provide food and we can only help as funds permit.  We are obviously unable to do any fundraising and our charity shop is closed for the foreseeable future so, please, help us if you can.  Donations can be made via Paypal and our account name is: [email protected]

If you would like  our bank details so you can do a direct transfer then please call Lyn on 01647 24378.

The photos below are all dogs taken into care this week as they are all sick and malnourished but they all survived.