About Zak (Aka Jack) in foster home Devon

He was born in the middle of February 2017 and spent his first 2.5 years in a dog shelter so, when he arrived, he had a lot to learn.  He has a wonderful temperament and is very affectionate. He is quiet in the house, clean and gets on well with other dogs. We believe he needs a home with at least one other dog who is confident and able to continue showing him the ropes.  He walks beautifully on the lead but is still worried when he sees new things but, with an experienced owner to guide him, he very quickly recovers and carries on.  He is desperate to bond with his family and will be a loving and loyal companion.  It would probably be preferable for his new home to be out of town as he is not used to busy places and traffic.  If you would like more information or, indeed, like the opportunity to meet him, then please contact Lyn on 01647 24378 or email: [email protected]