About Poseidon – RESERVED – HOORAY!!

An updated appraisal from August 2019 written by his foster mum in Greece:

He is now a little over 2 years old and has really matured into an extraordinary dog.
While he is still friendly and playful and lovely to look at he is now an adult dog, centered,intelligent and eager to please.
He communicates with humans so well- it’s impressive!
In the last 20 days , a new volunteer has been taking him for walks. She is a petite lady in her late fifties with no experience of dogs but they are walking beautifully together and she even walks him of the lead( of course she is totally smitten!)
It is hard to put into words what Poseidon has that is so special: Something in the way he greets you like you’re of the same species, a Lassie- like intelligence “ tell me what you need and I’m here for you” attitude and mostly his so exppresive eyes that speak better than words.
Poseidon has developed into a truly wonderful dog and while he likes his life at the farm and his doggie friends he really wants his people, to adore