About Fabia

Fabia’s estimated age is around 4 years old.  She weighs approximately 25 kg and stands 59 cms from the ground to the top of her head and is 77 cms from the end of her nose to the base of her tail. She has medium energy and friendly, once she gets used to new people.  As she has been in the shelter since a puppy, her family must appreciate that she will need time to adjust to her new surroundings.  It will be a gradual transition and may always struggle with strangers until she is familiar.  She has never met a cat and is certainly not used to the lead so all these things will need work.

It would be lovely to get this sweet girl into her forever home but, for sure, she needs very experienced owners who will be very patient and understanding.  Time and patience are the key words but she does deserve a chance rather than stay in the shelter forever.  For the right people, she will be rewarding.