About Elfie – meet her in Bradford on Avon – Wiltshire

Elfie is an energetic Greek harehound cross. DoB 01.12.21. She is spayed and vaccinated and weighs approximately 15kg. She is house trained.
She is a friendly and affectionate dog who loves to be with people. Whilst she gets on fine with other dogs, she does illustrate ‘resource guarding’ with them so she would need monitoring, ie fed separately and care with toys. She has no problem with people and allows her current owner to take things from her in the home but she needs experienced owners with no young children (even though she has never shown and problem with them).
Commands she knows: sit, wait, off, down, look (at me) – though this one is very food dependent, paw, leave.
She is walked on a long lead as she is prey driven (being a hound), and loves chasing rabbits and pigeons. She enjoys chasing her ball on walks and brings it back nicely. She loves to sit on a lap in the evening and enjoys being made a fuss of.
She has a cloudy eye condition which has been investigated by a specialist eye vet but nothing has been diagnosed. Pred forte eye drops have been prescribed for use when her eyes become cloudy which clears them in a few days. She’s used to having this done. The drops are not expensive (c. £20) and a few bottles a year are all that’s required.
If you would like more information and, if appropriate, the opportunity to meet Elfie, please contact Lyn via email: [email protected]