About Chionis – Reserved Vilhelmsen

Another big chap who weighs in at 40 kg.  He measures 80cms from the ground to the top of his head and 85cms from the end of his nose to the base of his tail.  This appraisal has been written on the basis of his temperament/behaviour when he arrived at the shelter but, since then, he has become shy of other dogs and hides in his kennel because they bully him.  Therefore, it would be great for him to find a home were he can relax.  He isn’t suitable for a home with young children as he is strong and can jump up – not at all aggressive though.

He was born around January 2019 and was a puppy when found on the road.  He is extremely friendly, loving, bouncy and likes to play.  He needs regular walks and lots of space where he could have a good run.  He is not at all dominant but very submissive.  Whoever is lucky enough to adopt him would need patience whilst he settles and realises that he need not be afraid.