About Barclay

This handsome chap, together with his female friend, lived on the street and were fed by a couple with a holiday home in Greece.  However, when they moved away, they could only take the female and they proceeded to find somewhere for Barclay.  Hence, he was taken into the dog shelter in October 2020 where he mixed well with the other dogs.  However, of late, we have been informed that he has been bullied by other dogs and, therefore, prefers to be on his own but he is not at all aggressive towards them, just prefers to take avoiding action and keep himself to himself. We are advised, therefore, that it would be in his interest to be the sole dog in a household.

He is very affectionate and will make a super companion.  He is between 25-28kg and 2.5-3yrs old, castrated and healthy.