About Barclay and Ino

After a visit to the shelter in July 2022, it became very evident that Barclay and Ino should stay together as they are best buddies and Ino simply can’t cope without his friend.  It was really heartwarming to see them both together.  They make a wonderful pair and deserve the chance of a loving home.


This handsome chap lived on the street and were fed by a couple with a holiday home in Greece.  However, when they moved away,  they proceeded to find somewhere for Barclay.  Hence, he was taken into the dog shelter in October 2020 where he mixed well with the other dogs, but really isn’t suited to such a busy environment.  He is not at all aggressive with other dogs and if he feels threatened he just prefers to take avoiding action and keep himself to himself.  He really needs a home.

We had a volunteer visit the shelter in October and she made a point of stressing how cuddly and affectionate he was.  He will make a super companion.  He is between 25-28kg and around  4-5 yrs old, castrated and healthy.


She was born around June 2019 and measures around 60 cms from the ground to the top of her head and approx 52 cms nose to base of tail.  She weighs around 17 kg so a lovely, medium sized girl.  She is of medium energy and is very friendly but can be quiet and a little shy to begin with.  She enjoys attention and and doesn’t need an active lifestyle although she can be playful with other dogs.  She actually prefers to spend her time relaxing.  The only things she doesn’t get on with are cats.